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Sneak Peek

So that snow storm really showed me who’s boss yesterday. We got a good two feet. Benny was NOT having it. Anyways, I took advantage of being home inside all day to create, and here is a sneak peek!

I say sneak because these are not listed yet, but will be in the next few days. They are little Japanese stab bound books and they turned out very lovely. I’m looking forward to making more, and using them myself.

I’ve also made myself more available on the web (I guess you have to these days) and finally got myself a twitter.

Tweet me. Or listen to my tweets. And I’ll listen to yours. Or, read, rather. Either way I’m sure it will all be very interesting…

Also you can find me at, which is a pretty cool website:

AND (I know I was really busy) at

which is a REALLY cool website and I recommend you take a look.

Well I guess there is some kind of game being played today, which people are interested in. Go Colts!


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