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Pioneer Days: New Fall/ Winter Line 2012


I wanted my first collection as an official business owner to be intuitive. This collection represents my personal background, why I love books, and the history of bookmaking. It is traditional and nostalgic. It includes materials like leather, silk and cotton. Vintage book pages not only reference time past but specifically recall the early settlement of our country. This is a reference to one of the first feats of reading I remember from my childhood: reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. To me, books, reading and writing are mental comfort food. They are a constant with the ability to communicate and thus to form bonds. These feelings of remembrance and comfort are reflected in the rounded spines and soft, recognizable and sometimes re-purposed materials. Although the books are blank, there is thought and care incorporated into each one and they come to you with a past and a history in their making and components. They are waiting to be filled with all the thoughts, drawings, bits and pieces that represent your current self. My books are thoughtfully made and meant to last a lifetime.

Visit my Etsy shop to see the whole collection.


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