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Collection II


My new collection is finally here!

And it makes me happy. And that was the point. In my last collection, because it was the first one, I brought a lot of emotion into it. I brought my roots into it. And it felt really good. This time, I wanted to explore another side of me that was more instantaneous. A reflection of what I’ve been gravitating towards visually.


I like neutrals, simplicity, strong graphics, and an occasional pop of color. I like to sew. I like handmade. I like rugs and quilts and graphic design. I like these things: IMG_7737

I had a lot fun sketching for this, teaching myself the best process for putting it together, and learning new coptic binding techniques. I learned most of it from my fellow book binders in the book I’m featured in, Making Mini Books: . It’s really well written and easy to follow.

IMG_1526 IMG_1539 IMG_1654 IMG_1704

As winter turns to spring, we have those days where we walk outside and are invigorated by the sunshine and fresh scent. We crawl out of our house holes and breathe deep. The changing of the seasons is always a great time to try something new, to grow, to change. What will this spring bring for you and your family? Are you excited, nervous, confused? Did you feel this way last spring? Where were you last time you were laying in the grass? The last time you wore those flats? What recipes are you going to try? So many things run through my mind during times of change, and I love putting it all to paper and then letting it go. I love thinking back and thinking forward, then letting that go and allowing myself to just be in this warm sunny moment.

Here’s to the human experience! Here’s to journaling! Here’s to growing and learning and surviving in this fallen world!



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