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Re-fresh (fresh again)

Hot off the presses, folks…

its Brother John’s new EP, the tiniest bones the infinite everything

and it is truly a beautiful piece of music.

What’s in there you ask??

I was lucky enough to be involved in this project by contributing a mini book:

Other new (spring) things:

My shop got an incredible face-lift (as predicted):

oh yes!!!! You better believe I got Moo cards with those beautiful puppies. (

I’m also reading The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky. Last night’s recorded quote:

“And now imagine that in the final outcome I do not accept this world of God’s, I do not admit it at all, though I know it exists. It’s not God that I do not accept, you understand, it is this world of God’s, created by God, that I do not accept and cannot agree to accept. With one reservation: I have a childlike conviction that the sufferings will be healed and smoothed over, that the whole offensive comedy of human contradictions will disappear like a pitiful mirage, a vile concoction of man’s Euclidean mind, feeble and puny as an atom, and that ultimately, at the world’s finale, in the moment of eternal harmony, there will occur and be revealed something so precious that it will suffice for all hearts, to alloy all indignation, to redeem all human villainy, all bloodshed; it will suffice not only to make forgiveness possible, but also to justify everything that has happened with men-let this, let all of this come true and be revealed…”

Oh Ivan! Good luck, Ivan!

I’m reading the Everyman’s Library edition of this book. ( which is just absolutely beautiful.

Off to Perkins Center for the Arts for tonight’s lecture!

Books, Literature, Shop News


Ladies and Gentlemen start your bonefolders!

Lots of new things to come. I found some great vintage fabric with little vignettes of pioneer scenes, and an awesome photographer to show them in all their glory. Not to mention shes a little genius. Well, shes actually regular sized. See:

The gift of her blog can be received here:

I’m also almost done reading a book on DaVinci, The Romance of Leonardo DaVinci by Dmitri Merejkowski. And I have been in good company:

She appreciated the same quotes as I did. Wonder if I’ll be the last person to read this book…


Reading, Always Reading…

I have just finished reading Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. What an amazing piece. My favorite quote is as follows:

“Then (she had felt it only this morning) there was the terror; the overwhelming incapacity, one’s parents giving it into one’s hands, this life, to be lived to the end. to be walked with serenity; there was in the depths of her heart an awful fear. Even now, quite often if Richard had not been there reading The Times, so that she could crouch like a bird and gradually revive, send roaring up that immeasurable delight, rubbing stick to stick, one thing with another, she must have perished. She had escaped. But that young man had killed himself.”

I’ve also recently finished a biography of Sarah Bernhardt called Madame Sarah by Cornelia Otis Skinner. It was one of the gems I found on the dollar rack at the local antique store. She was quite the character! And just the time period I love reading about, turn of the century. Interestingly, I can across this tumblr:

If you go on long enough, you’ll find a picture of Sarah. She was apparently quite ubiquitous at the time.

I’m also finishing up Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. I was a fan of Tess of D’Urbervilles and this one is just as good. My favorite quote so far is:

“As you got older, and felt yourself to be at the centre of your time, and not at a point in its circumference, as you had felt when you were little, you were seized with a sort of shuddering, he perceived. All around you there seemed to be something glaring, garish, rattling, and the noises and glares hit upon the little cell called your life, and shook it and scorched it. If only he could prevent himself from growing up.”

There. Now perhaps I have told you too much about myself.

One more thing, before I go. I don’t know if you have troubled yourself to make it though Joyce’s Ulysses yet, but if not there is an amazing website, to help you through. It’s great artwork and you should check it out even if you don’t care to ever read it.

I’d love to hear your experience of any of the above books. Or, just let me know what your into recently.


Not yo mama’s bookmaker

That’s right. If your mama had a bookmaker, I am nothing like that bookmaker. In a good way. What I mean to say is that I will be a vendor at this year’s Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair, and I am so excited! I am preparing by making some new books, I’m trying for one a day (trying). This is what I finished today.

I found this cool fabric that for some reason looks like it has two ends that were sewn together by this really pretty, dare I say, sea-foam green/teal thread. It creates a cool effect around the book.

And, I’m just going to say, as much as I hate daylight savings time, having the sun out later into the day is helpful.

My trusty little box shelf is going to need some help!


Listen Up

I’ve been thinking about my shop. Why I love books so much. Why I love making books so much. Books to use for jotting random thoughts, notes about books, recipes, journal entries, song lyrics, poetry, sketches, spontaneous impressions, etc.  I would like to share a reflection I’ve had on the topic, that is something I am always finding I need to remind myself:

You have good ideas. You are an interesting person. Anything that may come across the horizon of your mind deserves a good home. Save who you are on paper. Put your signature on something, inspire your future self. I can’t tell you how many times going back into my old journals has helped me realize how funny and wonderful I can be.

So start something. Maybe you could just write a little thought every day. Or every other day. Or do a doodle every day. Learn something about yourself and your vision. I bet you’re going to like it.

It’s good to remember our own histories.

Open the door to something amazing, yourself.



Inspiration struck (even during a headache). I went to work. I got this out of it at 1 a.m. this morning:

I think Urban Outfitters should order 6 million of them and send me into early retirement. Actually, even if I was “retired” I would still be doing exactly what I’m doing. I guess that’s probably good.

But Hey! if you like these or would like a custom cover for one or have any ideas hit me up! Esp. if your owner and C.E.O. of Anthropology. WINK!

Me, Rex, and Benny are settling down for a “big snowstorm” that supposed to hit us in the next few hours or so. I think New Jersey doesn’t have the slightest idea of what a “snowstorm” is so I’m not scared (okay OKAY so I bought another loaf of bread at Target just to be safe…but I was going anyways!). I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. Sounds like a good day to do some Etsy shopping! Then again, its fun to shop in any weather.

Hope you are all cozy and warm this weekend!


I think I’m in love

My attention has been called to a series of books designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. A part of the Penguin Classics series they are something to drool over:

YEESH!!! I love the color pallet and everything about the set. I wish I could buy them all. Maybe I should ask for them all for valentine’s day. Is there a limit to how many editions of the same book you can have…?

In other news: I finished these today:

Perfect for journaling/note taking while reading your favorite classics. Custom quotes available!

Find them here:

I better go start batting my eyelashes at my husband if I want all those books…