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A New Start

I write you again (finally) from a newly transformed space. There’s something about moving furniture around that can really clear my mind. Actually, I’ll give myself more credit and admit that I (we) went through a lot of items in this room, and threw away what we no longer needed. Making room for my most special finds:

meaning both the chair and the two sconces. Rex hung them on the wall this evening, asking “so what are you going to put on these?” Books, of course.

I’ve really been perfecting my craft and have several new books in the shop I am really excited about and proud of. Like:

The pattern is like my personality on paper.

Here is the rest of my new space:

I wish you the best for 2011, and I’m serious about my resolution to be a better steward of my blog. Need a good resolution for yourself? How about keeping a journal, not for posterity, but I believe you’ll find it quite beneficial in your current life. Treat yourself. Refer to:

Good things to come! Happy Reading, Writing, and Booking!


Taking Sides

Look at the pillows I made!

Okay, I didn’t actually do all of it. The lovely owner of Lucky Me Beads ( did the silhouettes for me and I turned them into this! I would love to say I could make one for you, too, but I think I’ll stick to books.

This is my latest:

Hand dyed and felted by yours truly. A great little soft book to hold in your hand.You can find it at (if you didn’t know by now).

Of course I have to make Benny part of the action.