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New Schtuff

22 days and counting until the craft fair, and I have been a-busy! I have much anticipation to see how this will go, Etsy has been less than successful as of yet. But it is fuuunn!!!!

This is a selection of my new wares. I would love some feedback- I’ve also been trying some new things with the fotos and I’m not sure if they are looking great on all computer screens.

Also, are you on the East Coast? Are you an artist? Do you participate in craft fairs? Would you like to let me know when and where these are? Would you like me to stop asking questions?

Most importantly…would you like to buy a book?

I’ll still like you whatever the case.

Have a great weekend everyone! ♥


Not yo mama’s bookmaker

That’s right. If your mama had a bookmaker, I am nothing like that bookmaker. In a good way. What I mean to say is that I will be a vendor at this year’s Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair, and I am so excited! I am preparing by making some new books, I’m trying for one a day (trying). This is what I finished today.

I found this cool fabric that for some reason looks like it has two ends that were sewn together by this really pretty, dare I say, sea-foam green/teal thread. It creates a cool effect around the book.

And, I’m just going to say, as much as I hate daylight savings time, having the sun out later into the day is helpful.

My trusty little box shelf is going to need some help!


Taking Sides

Look at the pillows I made!

Okay, I didn’t actually do all of it. The lovely owner of Lucky Me Beads ( did the silhouettes for me and I turned them into this! I would love to say I could make one for you, too, but I think I’ll stick to books.

This is my latest:

Hand dyed and felted by yours truly. A great little soft book to hold in your hand.You can find it at (if you didn’t know by now).

Of course I have to make Benny part of the action.



Listen Up

I’ve been thinking about my shop. Why I love books so much. Why I love making books so much. Books to use for jotting random thoughts, notes about books, recipes, journal entries, song lyrics, poetry, sketches, spontaneous impressions, etc.  I would like to share a reflection I’ve had on the topic, that is something I am always finding I need to remind myself:

You have good ideas. You are an interesting person. Anything that may come across the horizon of your mind deserves a good home. Save who you are on paper. Put your signature on something, inspire your future self. I can’t tell you how many times going back into my old journals has helped me realize how funny and wonderful I can be.

So start something. Maybe you could just write a little thought every day. Or every other day. Or do a doodle every day. Learn something about yourself and your vision. I bet you’re going to like it.

It’s good to remember our own histories.

Open the door to something amazing, yourself.

Shop News

Sneak Peek

So that snow storm really showed me who’s boss yesterday. We got a good two feet. Benny was NOT having it. Anyways, I took advantage of being home inside all day to create, and here is a sneak peek!

I say sneak because these are not listed yet, but will be in the next few days. They are little Japanese stab bound books and they turned out very lovely. I’m looking forward to making more, and using them myself.

I’ve also made myself more available on the web (I guess you have to these days) and finally got myself a twitter.

Tweet me. Or listen to my tweets. And I’ll listen to yours. Or, read, rather. Either way I’m sure it will all be very interesting…

Also you can find me at, which is a pretty cool website:

AND (I know I was really busy) at

which is a REALLY cool website and I recommend you take a look.

Well I guess there is some kind of game being played today, which people are interested in. Go Colts!



Inspiration struck (even during a headache). I went to work. I got this out of it at 1 a.m. this morning:

I think Urban Outfitters should order 6 million of them and send me into early retirement. Actually, even if I was “retired” I would still be doing exactly what I’m doing. I guess that’s probably good.

But Hey! if you like these or would like a custom cover for one or have any ideas hit me up! Esp. if your owner and C.E.O. of Anthropology. WINK!

Me, Rex, and Benny are settling down for a “big snowstorm” that supposed to hit us in the next few hours or so. I think New Jersey doesn’t have the slightest idea of what a “snowstorm” is so I’m not scared (okay OKAY so I bought another loaf of bread at Target just to be safe…but I was going anyways!). I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. Sounds like a good day to do some Etsy shopping! Then again, its fun to shop in any weather.

Hope you are all cozy and warm this weekend!


Now Reading: Ulysses by James Joyce

Inspired by Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels list:

I decided I’d better read Ulysses. I love reading the classic novels, and I fearlessly headed into this one just as any other. Although it has been a joy to experience the drop cap taken to whole new levels:

I have really had a hard time following this train of thought style writing (which I wouldn’t have predicted). Thanks to spark notes, I have an idea of what is going on.  Anyone else read this? What is your experience?

Also, who ever said chihuahua’s weren’t cuddly and sweet?

Benny always tunnels in next to me. To be fair, he might be part rat terrier.